Adding a Feminine Vibe to a Masculine Interior With Nourison - %

Adding a Feminine Vibe to a Masculine Interior With Nourison

The After: My Nourison Decor

The moment I found this house in 2015 I knew it was our best bet for getting the good deal in real estate that I had been looking for.  Freshly out of real estate school and on the heels of my new (second) career as an agent; this house was a realtor’s dream. The house was new construction and had fallen out of escrow not once but THREE times.   The house’s last eligible owner had pre-emptively decorated it for his adult son.  One look at the house’s brown and black marbled granite, orange tinged floor tile that resembled a tigers mane and it’s gold and black colored accents and back splash told the whole story; a very masculine and manly story: a lumberjack lived here perhaps? 
     Truth be told had it not been for the fabulous price that was really the last desperate attempt for the builder to rid himself of this well; problem.  I would have never considered this house at all. “Well all it needs is a new coat of paint, a couple fuzzy throw rugs and one of those dimpled white sofas you see in all the blogger’s homes and you won’t even notice the actual interior” I told myself. But inside I knew that I would tire of this interior very quickly.  We tried everything: got quotes for new granite (much too expensive at 30K) Hired an interior decorator who left us with a slightly better decor but did little to feminize the space.   

When Nourison contacted me to inquire about a collaboration, feminizing this house further was all I could think of. I knew that this was my next chance to add a feminine vibe. I decided to focus on the rug in our living room as it was newly destroyed by our rescue dog who thought it was fun to chew on its long cigarette butt looking fibers.  I had never liked this rug so off it went to our not yet furnished formal dining room.

A little background about Nourison would be helpful here: Nourison has been in business for over 30 years as a leader in all types of floor covering.  They provide accessories like pillows, throws  and home decor as well but their main focus is exquisite rugs in all price ranges.  Their inventory is huge too; they have 4,500 styles in just area rugs!  In case you’re wondering where you can view Nourison they distribute through, Macy’s and many more online stores.  I loved perusing their website and instagram for decor inspo.  

Look At the different levels of fibers!

Choosing a rug was so difficult! I visited them at the World Furniture Market in Las Vegas and drooled all over their showroom ! One of the most notable rugs and the type I ended up getting literally looked like a moving painting.  This rug just oozed curves and sensuality it was very feminine.  I choose the Prismatic Hand Tufted Rug : with this rug pad: It’s important to always get a rug pad at the same time as a rug.  When the Prismatic arrived it was truly like its photo online but BETTER.  I can’t begin to explain how luxurious the fabric feels and looks.  I love how high quality it is and it compliments the room and adds the feminine flair that it so badly needs.  What do you guys think of my choice? Does the idea of ordering online seem daunting? I actually loved the convenience of it and would do it again and again.  Let me know your thoughts!

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