Do You Have Your Camel Coat Yet? -

Do You Have Your Camel Coat Yet?

I’ll admit I’ve never even really noticed that people bought anything but black peacoats in the winter.  I mean;of course there are a variety of coat colors that are sold and that people buy but I seemed to only notice the BLACK ones.  I guess I always thought that they were less of a wardrobe risk?  I mean what do you even wear with Camel? Did I need new brown boats to go with it? (YES! but our bank account says NO) Once I got this camel coat I was relieved to find that Camel color, while being in the brown family is wonderfully neutral and doesn’t require any special pairing.  I could wear it easily with black boats, tops and skirts.  In the coming posts I’ll explore pairing camel with colors other than neutrals.  We will take this journey together.

By the way; I’ve found the most amazing photographer! I’m truly lucky to have found her as she loves fashion photography and also teaches photography, which is a huge interest of mine.

Camel Coat: Trina Turk

Bag: Givenchy

Boots: Christian Loboutin

Sunglasses: Kate Spade

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