4 Reasons This Skirt Should be In Your Closet This Fall -

4 Reasons This Skirt Should be In Your Closet This Fall


So I’ve been seeing this skirt on a lot of fashion bloggers lately.  The first time I saw it Christine Andrews from @HelloFashionblog was wearing it on her instagram.  For those who don’t know of Christine; she has this totally relatable style that appeals to many women. I always try to limit my time on her instagram because of the damage I’ve done to my wallet buying her outfits right off of her!

Four Reasons You Need this Skirt

  1. This color is HOT right now; straight off the Pantone Fall Color Report (more about Pantone Color Report soon ie: what it is and how it will help you coordinate your wardrobe) This color is called Maple autumn.
  2. This skirt can be dressed up or down. Wear it with heels and a clingy top and you have your outfit of the night.  Wear it with a chunky sweater and short or tall boots and you have your outfit of the day.
  3. The suede fabric or sueded fabric (this means not real suede) is bulky enough to diminish a poochy or not-that-flat-of-a-belly. (cough, cough: me)
  4. This skirt can be worn with a top that is cream, navy or black.  Don’t you hate buying bottoms that can only be worn with black tops? THE WORST.

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