Kourtney Kardashian: Cosmetic Procedures and General Trivia -

Kourtney Kardashian: Cosmetic Procedures and General Trivia

Kourtney Kardashian: Cosmetic Procedures and General Trivia

This is a quiz to test your knowledge of the oldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney, who is often thought of as the "Natural sister", and is also the least photographed of the three. You will be tested on Kourtney Kardashian's age, Height, looks, Family, and other topics. Some of these questions refer to this video: (video link here) so be sure to watch it before taking the quiz, unless you think you know it! Good luck. 

Identify Kourtney Kardashian
What year did Kourtney likely start getting cosmetic procedures?
What is Kourtney's Natural hair color?
What type of laser treatment does lorry suspect Kourtney has done for smooth skin?
Of the three Kardashian sisters, which is the oldest?
True or false: People who are "Secure" with themselves never get plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures.
In 2010, the first noticible change was to which body part?
The Eye lid procedure that Kourtney may have gotten is called (a)n....
What year is is suspected that Kourtney got a Chin implant?
Kourtney showed signs of Tech Neck, which comes from.
Which procedure likely turned Kourtney's Half moon eyes from a moon shape to an upturned almond shape
How many children does Kourtney have?
How old is Kourtney ( as of November 2020)
How tall is Kourtney Kardashian?
What is the name of Kourtney's new Home, Health, and Beauty Blog site?
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Thank you so much for participating in this quiz. I have been wanting to try out many new ways of interacting with my fans, creating interactive content to keep you all engaged, learning, and entertained at the same time. It is a huge task sometimes, but ideas come to me, and I want to try them out. I thought it would be good to test your knowledge of the celebrities I cover, and see if the procedures are being taught in a way that makes sense and sticks in your memories. In this quiz, you may be tested on your knowledge of general plastic surgery terms, advanced terms for cosmetic procedures, product names and their uses, and even information about a celebrities, life, work, net worth, family, and so much more. I really feel like this kind of content format is going to enrich my overall experience for the channel and viewership, especially for my fans that feel like they cannot get enough videos. (I am trying to make more videos, but they really do take so much time). Quizzes, articles, guides, and other written form content will likely be the best way that I will be able to expand the amount of content available for you to use in your plastic surgery journey. I really appreciate your constant support and love for me and the channel. I have been able to truly be happy creating content that I enjoy because you all give me so much support, and I cannot thank you all enough. My fans truly are amazing, and have helped me as much as I hope I have helped you. on an ending note, If you have any suggestions for the channel Youtube.com/lorry hill, or suggestions for this website, please go to the suggestions tab up in the top menu and fill out the google form that I have made available.

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