The Macallan Whisky; a Women's Perspective -

The Macallan Whisky; a Women’s Perspective

What do you think of when I say Whisky? Do you think of a drink that has traditionally been thought of as a drink almost solely for men? I know I had that impression as well, which is why when The Macallan approached me to partner with them I excitedly took them up on the offer.  No one can argue with the quality of The Macallan; they continue to be the world’s most admired single malt scotch. I met the Macallan folks at 5 Star Helicopters where they had arranged the first tasting in a private room.

We learned that The Macallan doesn’t color any of their whisky and that although it is legal in Scotland to add the rich brown color we see in whisky that The Macallan is so masterfully crafted that they are able to naturally produce this color.

First up was The Macallan Rare Cask ; We were instructed to breath out of our mouths after we took the first sip, this allows for the alcohol taste to be burned off leaving just the flavor to saver on your tongue.  I really liked this first selection, It was a lighter style of whisky and smelled amazing. I remember tasting notes of vanilla and nutmeg and even dark chocolate. This whisky would be great to serve with some dark chocolate.

The second selection; The Macallan Reflexion: It had a deep amber color.  Right away I tasted a flavor that was quite different from Rare Cask.  The flavor was of Oak and was spicy at first, after the initial flavor it gave way to a fruity sweetness.  I could see serving this with raspberries.

After we were served we were then instructed to go outside and find our helicopter assignments.  We would be flying over Lake Mead, dipping down into the glorious Grand Canyon and finally landing in the Valley of Fire to do our final tastings.

We landed in the Valley of Fire while the sun was setting and the scene couldn’t have been more beautiful.  The Macallan had set up a picnic table elegantly dressed in a black tablecloth to serve their final selections. We were served The Macallan No. 6:The color of this whisky was a beautiful golden brown. It’s overall scent was of fruits; specifically raisins, dates and figs.  I smelled a hint of ginger and cinnamon with a dark chocolate. On my palate it was heavy and rich with the distinct flavor of raisin, dates and figs, apples, and oranges; then ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon.  It felt silky and smooth with a beautiful full finish.

We were then treated to an amazing speaker; The Macallan M. Nicolas Villalon, The Macallan Brand Education and Prestige Manager, spoke enthusiastically about the fourth selection. The M comes in a crystal lalique decanter, the presentation is stunning and I could easily see displaying the beautiful bottle in my home.  I learned that this is one of the most if not the most expensive whisky in the world selling for the equivalent of $600,000 at a 2014 auction.  This whisky was my favorite; I absolutely loved the taste of dark fruitiness paired with raisins and plums.  As the flavor left my palate it left behind a sweetness that hinted of candy.

The experience of tasting this magnificent whisky while being in the Valley of Fire was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I was so impressed with the enthusiasm The Macallan has for its whisky as well as its extraordinary flavor. Do you like whisky and have you ever tried The Macallan? Please share your thoughts and experiences.

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