Three Pore Minimizing Primers I Recommend -

Three Pore Minimizing Primers I Recommend

By now most of you know that you are born with a certain pore size well at least we are born with a “potential pore size” and you can’t actually reduce the size of your pores. Thank goodness there are fixes for our massive pores (well my massive pores). Having visibly large pores is embaressing for a lots of reasons (some days I want to run and hide!) however it’s great to know that there are solutions for this.  I’m explaining here some simple methods for reducing the appearance of your pores.  For this post I will focus on three primers I have used for at least one months time.  I will also give you simple solutions that you can include in your daily beauty routine (this is all unsponsored and bought with my own money).

Deep Cleaning 

Using an exfoliating cleanser is the key if you are worried about the size of your pores, Wearing makeup, sun screen or even daily environmental debree can cause clogged pores.  Once your pores are congested; they can appear larger.  I love and highly recommend : Dermalogica micro exfoliant as well as a Clarsonic brush (not to be used together; one or the other).


Primers can be very efficient in making pores practically disappear .  Primers that contain Silica are especially amazing at filling in pores and even fine lines.  Although this technique will not clean your pores it is a good band aid solution that works.  the following three primers are very good in my opinion; remember you can wear them with and without makeup.

Benefit Porefessional: This is a translucent, oil free primer with vitamin E derivative. This is my go to primer lately and has gotten very high reviews from people who can’t find a primer to work for them. Price: $36.00

Lorac Porefection Primer: Oil free, Paraben free and Fragrance free: this is my go to primer that I use with or without makeup.  This primer gives you an instant matte effect. I have never had a break out or any sensitivity to this primer. It’s priced high at $33.00 but I have been able to get three months use out of one tube.

Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer:  billed as a smoothing primer with blurring and filling technology.  I found this primer very effective when I used it AFTER applying my foundation.  Think of it as a “putty” that must be molded and patted into place.  This would be great for a”primer only ” type makeup look. Price $39



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