Kendall Jenner: Plastic Surgery -

Kendall Jenner: Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Playlist: Kendall Jenner.

Hi Fam: this is the 4th Celebrity in my celebrity Plastic Surgery playlist you can see the rest of the playlist here:…

The following Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery video is my opinion only which is not defamation here in the United States where I live. All plastic surgery speculation is done in a POSITIVE SPIRIT. I welcome contrary MATURE opinions but all mean and abusive comments will be reported along with the user’s name to Youtube.

Kendall Jenner is a 24 year old influencer and model and of course part of Kardashian royalty. Among her whole family of plastic surgery enthusiasts (my kind of people), Kendall Jenner has always been known as the natural one.

Although Kendall Jenner is very pretty naturally; she’s very recently gained that model look. In this video I’ll give you my opinion on what plastic surgeries I believe Kendall Jenner has had and I’ll also total up the cost of her procedures; keep watching!

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Please know that although I have a very informed opinion based on my own experience I am not an EXPERT or a Doctor. Please visit a plastic surgeon for medical advice. LOVE YOU ALL!!! Your support means the WORLD to me!!

CREDIT given to Miss J of Miss J Forum; much of my knowledge and advice is garnered from her.


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