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Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery

Kylie Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Transformation

 I think out of all the celebrity plastic surgery transformations I’ve talked about Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery  is my favorite. Because she is the epitome of the mantra I always say in my youtube videos; that Beauty is attainable and almost anyone can beautiful. 

I love that she was sorta the under dog of the Kardashian tribe and has risen up into this beautiful, entrepreneurial woman who is coming into her own.  

Kylie jenner’s facial changes are not only due to plastic surgery; which are categorized as surgical changes aimed to restore normal function but is in a large part due to cosmetic surgery which is defined as only aesthetic changes aimed to enhance the appearance.  

As an important side note cosmetic surgeons are not plastic surgeons as they are not part of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have not attended a fellowship program specifically in plastic surgery. Any doctor in any specialty can perform both plastic and cosmetic surgery but if you’re looking to get plastic surgery in most cases ) there are exceptions; you should look for a surgeon who is a certified by the American board of plastic surgery.

Because Kylie Jenner had both plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery: I’ll be talking a lot about dermal fillers, the types of fillers that made her face look the way it does (beautiful) and also the placement of these fillers.  Also I need to talk to you guys a little about these plastic surgeons and cosmetic centers cropping up offering  the “ Kylie package” lastly you need to watch till the end because I’ll be talking about a major flaw on Kylie’s face that you may not have known about and I’ve never heard talked about!

We will be talking about the structural changes first

Kylie Jenner had a lateral Browlift with cheek raising: when they did her brow lift they also raised her lateral cheeks something you should take note of is her low hairline; now look what happened after her brow lift: do you see how much her hairline was raised?  This is the difference between a botox brow lift and surgical brow lift.  This is a known side effect of endoscopic brow lifts that is beneficial in most cases unless you already have a lot of forehead.

We can’t talk about Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery without mentioning her beautiful eyes.  I believe Kylie Jenner had a Blepharoplasty to her upper and lower lids to remove her slight bags under her eyes and to give her much more make up eyelid space.

Lets talk about Kylie’s delicate chin.  Kylie Jenner  has always had a heavier chin and jaw area which I believe she had shaved upwards from chin to mid jaw:  she now has a more delicate chin and lower jaw structure. To achieve this I believe she had  chin shaving

Chin shaving is really something that only some plastic surgeons do: in general if you want this done you need to go to a plastic surgeon who deals with a lot of these procedures a year and who also does other plastic surgery BONE cutting procedures like genioplasties which is a procedure that cuts a segment of bone and advances it forward.

Kylie Jenner may have had a Jawline liposuction  to enhance her profile; so from the profile before and after you can notice that her jawline is much more defined; this can be done with a lot of weight loss but Kylie was thin already and if anything she’s gained weight rather than lost. I believe Kylie had filler to her upper jawline to project it out; creating this shadow we see defining her jawline from her neck.

I believe Kylie had the following dermal fillers:

In my opinion Kylie Jenner had cheek filler and most likely it was Juvederm Voluma XC; Kylie had the filler placed into the apples of her cheeks.

Even though Kylie Jenner had her chin shaved upwards I believe her chin structure was still slightly set back in profile so I think they added filler to her side profile to connect it better to her jawline.

Kylie Jenner also of course had Lip filler; Juvederm XC filler to her upper and lower lips as well as filler to her upper jaw or maxilla .  This filler was likely Juvederm ultra XC injected deeper to project her maxilla out.

Botox to her Masseters: to complete the delicate look to her jawline: Kylie Jenner had botox placed in these muscles which causes those muscles to shrink from not being used as much.

Kylie also had buccal fat removal and her ears pinned back: 

Plastic Surgeons offering the “Kylie Jenner” filler package

Plastic surgeons across the nation have started to offer the “Kylie “ package which supposedly includes filler to all the areas Kylie Jenner had filled for a less expensive prices anywhere from $1,500 and up. For the most part these clinics are just trying to capitalize on the popularity of Kylie’s look but the difference lies in the price and the skill of the injector.

Kylies rumored doctor charges $75,000 just for her filler; in Beverly Hills he is rumored to be Dr. Simon Ourian who is known for almost solely doing filler and he does have a very artistic experienced hand.  You just won’t get that anywhere else especially for the prices these clinics charge. 

Lastly here is something that happened to Kylie Jenner that is considered a flaw but in my opinion looks very beautiful on her; giving her a sultry; Marilyn Monroe type sleepy bedroom eye.

After Kylie Jenner had her blepharoplasty she got a condition called “blepharoplasty ptosis” of her upper eyelid and as a result she is having brow compensation in which the eyebrows actually elevate more to compensate for the drooping eyelid; the result of a less than optimal blepharoplasty and many surgeons have reached out to Kylies people to fix this for her. Luckily for Kylie it looks very nice although I don’t know how it’ll look as she ages.

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